Nothing Man 

The debut feature film from Trespasser Films. 

At its heart, Nothing Man is a crime noir thriller. The film centres around Noam, a homeless amnesiac whom is hell bent on discovering the truth behind his best friends mysterious death. With the help of a fearless fem fatal, Lana, and his trusted ally Harry, Noam must unlock the secrets to his past in order to fight for justice. But is there more to this than meets the eye? The more Noam uncovers, the more chilling Noam’s world becomes! Who can Noam trust; Lana, Harry, even himself?

Daniel Hall - Noam

Daniel Hall - Noam

Daniel Hall

Daniel Kirk-Hall has had an extremely busy chapter in his life since being cast as Noam in Trespasser Films first feature Nothing Man. This was back in the early summer of 2011.

The meeting between Daniel and Trespasser director, Stephen Gallacher would change both their film careers.

Daniel had key roles both on and off the film set, not least with the challenge of harnessing his capabilities over the course of an extremely gruelling shoot. Whilst filming extreme action sequences for the film Daniel trained with mixed martial arts professionals, to focus on fight techniques as well as core strength.

“The respect for each other on set is essential,” says Daniel, “we had days where we were on set, shooting for 18 hours and I aimed to remain positive for everyone, boosting people’s confidence and making sure everybody was feeling that their input was crucial. My experience in dealing with challenging situations really came in to play for gauging stress levels all around” Daniel jokes.

Jennifer Jordan - Lana

Jennifer Jordan - Lana

Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer trained at Bretton Hall College in Yorkshire and has worked on a range of productions since graduating.

Most of Jennifer’s professional stage work to date has been open air classical touring. This has included three consecutive years of regional Shakespeare at Theatre of the Dales and a national Jane Austen tour with Chapterhouse Theatre. Further roles have included Portia (Merchant of Venice), Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing), Adriana (Comedy of Errors) and Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice.

In addition to being a Shakespeare ‘geek’ (her words, not mine), Jennifer is also a bit of a sci-fi ‘nerd’ (again, her words, not mine) and has played leading roles in niche web series about both vampires and tabletop gaming. After spending two years in Vancouver, Jennifer has an acquired an obsession with improv, and can often be seen making creations around London. Jennifer has actually trained with almost every improv school in Vancouver and cannot get enough of it. Nothing Man was an absolute joy to work on and Jennifer is proud to have been involved.

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NOTHING MAN screened at the TOP INDIE FILM AWARDS June addition 2017 and won the NO BUDGET SPIRIT AWARD.